Project Hail Is Set To Disrupt The Customer Service and Sales Sector

Social Brim is a minority-held company that holds a high customer satisfaction for the past 7 years.

We never abandon our projects and are a team of dreamers ready and dedicated to change the world.

Our Agency is registered with the Florida Department of State as an authorized provider, a designated DMCA agent and holds multiple design awards.

Project Hail Details

  • Application Status For GPT-3: Applied 1:03pm 02/09/2021 (Awaiting Results)
  • Application Status For GPT-3: Granted 12:36pm 02/14/2021 (Access Grant)
  • Development Status For GPT-3: Began 10:01am 03/08/2021 (Development In Progress)
  • Development Status For GPT-3: Completed Initial Bias Tests 11:04am 03/14/21 (Awaiting Learning Access) 

For Your Consideration

Let's Disrupt The Sales & Customer Service Industry

It is our mission to disrupt and revolutionize the sales industry with cloud, AI machine learning.

We would like to develop and beta test GPT-3 for:

Stage 1

Develop custom voice modules for Project Hail.

Stage 2

Deploy GPT-3 with through Project Hail with both chat and voice protocols.


stage 3

Replace hold music with Project Hail AI Conversation to hold.

Stage 4

Buffer chat messages between user and sales personal.

Stage 5

Buffer calls between cold call-ins and sales personal.

Need Additional Info?

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